Thomas is an expert trail builder and project coordinator. He’s able to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently within budget, and his creativity allows him to create long-lasting, interesting trails.

Sundance Topham, CEO Village of Cumberland

Thomas has proven to have a sound ability in Trail planning by providing RSTBC with a comprehensive trail development plan.

Kurt Williams, Rec Sites and Trails BC

The PGCC believes that First Journey had a positive impact on the mountain bike community in Prince George, and wholeheartedly recommends the company, and Thomas, to any organizations seeking trail work

Liam Baker, Prince George Cycling Club

Tom is an accomplished trail builder, project planner and expert craftsman.  The completion of the Williams Lake Cycling Club’s recent project, the Snakes and Ladders rebuild, could not have been done without him.  With over 10 kilometres of flowy single track that features countless berms, multiple jumps and unique wood structures, Snakes and Ladders provides a testament to both his professionalism and creativity.  Thomas was the project coordinator,a planner and one of the primary builders on the project and his expertise was evident in all phases of the build.

Shawn Lewis, President WLCC

Thomas (First Journey Trails) has repeatedly shown the benefits of working closely with Land Managers and fully understands the requirements to ensure all stakeholders are accounted for and has taken this message even further by educating user groups that it leads to a more efficient project if you identify and deal with the issues up front, instead of putting out fires as you go. This is made evident in the detailed plans that have been submitted to our program, which fully outlined exactly what was to be undertaken in the field setting.

Desi Cheverie, MFLNR District Rec Officer